Digital downloads and discount/coupon codes
  • Hey all,

    Do we have an ETA on adding digital downloads as a product? I assume that space increase recently will help facilitate that? Also, what about coupon codes to manage promotions for products?
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  • Ok, so what about digital downloads?
  • Hi @davechap!  Digital downloads is still coming, though our loose time estimate is still at least a month out at this point.  We want to make sure we nail it.  And yes, the space increase will directly benefit that.

    Discount codes will arrive a little sooner than that.  There is a small chance of that arriving next week, but a more likely scenario is the week of the 25th instead.

  • Hey @Ryan, any chance that with this feature addition to the store will include a way to have just a "non-shippable" product? I have a client who teaches classes and we'd like to use the product element in order to control available spots in the class (basically inventory control). Would like an option to just not charge or deal with shipping at all on certain products.

  • @imjustamarketer,

    Yes, I think that is a good idea.  I'll be sure to bring this up as we finish out our digital downloads.  The system would then support three scenarios.  Physical goods, digital goods, and unshippable/undeliverable (for a lack of a better term at the moment).  Time frame for this at this point is likely two months away.

    Thank you,
  • I cannot wait for Digital Products - keep up the good work guys!
  • @Ryan, that sounds great.

    For digital downloads, are there any recommended solutions in the meantime? Has anyone merged another product with a Light site to offer something similar? Any workarounds to share?
  • We currently use an external store called BigCommerce. It is not ideal because the store has its own monthly fee, setup process, design, and administration. But BigCommerce does everything you could ever want a store to do. I hear Shopify is also excellent.

    When coupon codes and digital downloads are rolled out we plan to switch to light cms's store for some of our clients.
  • Just wanted to note it here, we've added discount codes today. Check it out -
  • Rad.
  • I'd like to bump this one again, as a client of mine is dying for digital downloads - any idea on a timeline for this?
  • Hi everybody,

    I just wanted to give a status update on digital downloads.  In short, it's still coming, but delayed.

    We've shuffled some things around in priority.  In a platform like LightCMS, sometimes we have to be diverted to deal with scaling issues (before they become big issues) as we deliver hundreds of millions of page views.  In our current situation, blog comment spam has been increasing (as noted here), and we've been feeling it on our own blogs, so we diverted for a bit to address that.  That should be going live this week, and I think you're really going to love it!

    Second, our search indexing has fallen behind the times.  We're also aiming to launch a complete retooling of our search indexing backend this week as well.  It is a complete architecture switch, but like with everything we release, there won't be any breaking changes associated with it.  You'll like how the indexing is now close to real-time instead of the once-every-24-hours routine you've been used to.

    We also have carrier-calculated shipping rate calculation on tap to release next week, which has been shuffled in front of digital downloads due to the demand we've seen for it.

    We're hoping for digital downloads to be ready in November.  We have a lot of irons in the fire, and I haven't even mentioned that we're also concurrently working on the biggest update to LightCMS ever.  More on that later!  ;)

  • As long as it doesn't brick my iPhone. Oh wait, that's just the iOS 5 upgrade.
  • Dave,

    I saw your Facebook status... thanks for being the King's food taster.  The cutting edge can cut some times!
  • @Ryan,

    can you comment on the option to simply have a "product" that simply does not charge shipping? I have a client who sells registrations for classes. So there's nothing to ship, while there is also nothing to download. Just want the ability to uncheck a box that is checked by default that applies shipping to the product.
  • @imjustamarketer,

    You can set all of the shipping to $0.  You will need to go in an enable it on all of the states though.

  • Thanks Chad, but the issue is that there is a mix of shippable products and classes that have no shipping required. If I set the shipping to $0 then the client will lose money on shipping for the actual physical product.

    What else ya got? ;-)
  • Could you set the weight to zero?  Then add a shipping rule for 0 to have no cost?  I'm not sure the system will allow the values to go for this type of thing, but if not I  bet we'll see something when digital goods gets pushed in.
  • @imjustamarketer,


    In the current state of shipping, they would probably need to set the shipping to $0 and then build in the shipping to the price of the item.

  • Can you combine shipping criteria? for example, let's say we set one shipping rate based on weight, can another shipping rate based on location be applies?

    @michael_leaplogic, your idea may work. We could set the classes to a 0- weight and charge 0 for shipping to that weight. Challenge at that point is whether we could then charge $1 for anything over 0 lbs, plus the normal/existing shipping rates (less $1).

    @ChadJ would this work?
  • I love it in here, half my ideas have this feel to them:

  • @imjustamarketer,

    In theory that should work.

  • @Ryan, @ChadJ, Just checking on status of anticipated rollout of digital downloads, etc. @Ryan in an earlier post you were hoping for November. Just asking if it's still looking like this is a realistic timeline (by realistic, I mean Nov/Dec as opposed to Feb/Mar). Not trying to ding you at all for giving even a broad timeline as it helps TREMENDOUSLY in speaking to our clients. Just checking to see if you can give us a more definitive timeline as we assume we're getting close(r) to the rollout.

  • Digital downloads is a big thing withe me at this point. Would love to know a timeframe now that Nov has arrived.

    Also, why the heck can't I login with Facebook. Or access my account on this thing?
  • Ok, now I'm back. Yes, digital downloads! :-)
  • Hey everybody!  Sorry for the delayed response.  Let's get down to it:

    The short:  digital downloads won't be appearing this month, but it's still very much alive and coming.  It's a critical component for our store offering.

    When will it come?  My best estimate at this point is the first quarter of next year.

    What you're witnessing is some priority shuffling.  If you remember when we launched the store, digital downloads was the next thing slated to appear.  But then it got pushed back because many more people were clamoring for other things like discount codes, carrier-calculated shipping, and additional payment gateways than they were for digital downloads.  So we re-shuffled due to market demand.  We want to help where help is needed the most.

    Why the continued delay now that we've completed the other more requested store items?  Because we feel the store, and digital downloads, will be even better utilized after the most critical component of our CMS is developed out further.  What is that piece?  I can't say just yet, but it's the most important feature we've ever worked on in LightCMS.  It's certainly not as expansive and development-intensive as the store was, which is good news for everybody all around.  We're aiming for a March release of this, right before we appear at SXSW.  It has an internal code name, Project Atkinson (also lightly and informally called "Mother Russia").  You know it's a big deal when it has a code name!  You guys will love the depth of control it gives you.  More details to come.  Our team is large enough to keep a steady stream of feature releases in the interim.

    Any questions?  Feel free to ask.

    Thanks, all!
  • I'm excited and anxious, disappointed about DD getting delayed - but I can choose best over better.  All of my questions would probably not be answerable!
  • I forgot to mention that I am in the middle of a site that I promised Digital Downloads for.  That is obviously a mistake of my own doing, but I'm not sure what to do as I can't push my client back four months from now.  Guess who has two thumbs and is going to eat the $19.00/mo Foxy Cart fee?
  • @Ryan did not make this clear, but we are not commies and "Mother Russia" has nothing to do with LightCMS becoming a communist product.  

    I hope that clears up a lot of questions.

  • Hey guys, you are all awesome. Just want to see what's up with digital downloads. I'd like to have them before the end of the year, and I'm sure a lot of others are waiting here too.

    Any updates on this feature? I have a lot of nerdy things to sell asap!

  • Dave,

    I might be reading too much into Ryan's reply but it sounds like we are in a feature freeze for the most part until some mysterious new core update is applied.  It sounds like the only updates we'll get until then are ones that were previously started or are pretty isolated such as payment processors and the yearly archive.

    I know there are several of us that want to sell templates or code to the LightCMS community and we were waiting on this feature.  I'm reminded of Denny's blog about LightCMS that runs on Wordpress, I don't want to make a LightCMS template store that runs on something other than LightCMS - I think it hurts more than it helps.
  • Now that we are leading up to SXSW, and from the last blog post mentioning Project Atkinson, are we getting closer to digital downloads? I saw how a lot of the updates last year needed to be present for digital goods, and probably some reworking of shipping. Now that's pretty much in place, are we full steam ahead here? I'm excited that all other items on this post are live.
  • Bump.
  • for all that's good and holy... bump.

  • Hi guys,

    Yes, we're getting closer to digital downloads!  We had a great team meeting this morning that talked about the future post-Atkinson, which Atkinson will be wrapping up its third and final phase in two weeks' time.  There's a lot we're going to accomplish in the remainder of 2012, and digital downloads is part of that story.  In fact, this thread was brought up in the meeting.

    For those of you who are disappointed by what Atkinson brought to the table, let me say that what you're seeing is only a fourth of it.  At a very basic level, it represents a new technology stack.  At a high-level, it was a very successful experiment that's going to flavor every feature we do from here on out.  You are going to have one slick experience with all the new stuff that's coming down the pike, including digital downloads.  First class upgrades to existing major features and finally tapping into social integration, just to throw out a couple hints.

    Thanks guys, we're listening!

  • Here we are a year later, any updates on digital downloads?
  • I just realized the April date from Ryan is LAST APRIL?

    "There's a lot we're going to accomplish in the remainder of 2012, and digital downloads is part of that story."

    Apparently, Digital Downloads wasn't a part of the 2012 story that Ryan mentioned specifically. Since it's well into the 2nd quarter of 2013, I think we all deserve some sort of an update here. Right?

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