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  • Hi, I have a client that wants his site in both English and Japanese.  Is there an easy way to integrate some sort of translation feature into a LightCMS website?  Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • There are two ways to have a website with multiple languages.

    1. Have one site with duplicate pages for both languages:   To do this, one of the sites would need to have hard coded navigation, and the pages marked to hidden.  Then, for example, if your "main site" was in English, you might have an About us page called /about.  If your "other site" was in Japanese, you could duplicate that page by having /about-jp.  You would then need to make sure and add that page to the navigation manually.  This does create more work and more pages to keep track of, so everything might become difficult to maintain.  This is the cheaper version though.

    2. Have a completely different account, but using the same template design.  This is the easier route as you do not have as many pages on one site, and you do not have to manually hard code the navigation.  This is the more expensive route though.


  • Thanks guys, good input!
  • I am making a bilingual site right now and I think i figured out a way to keep the automatic navigation. I built the english pages as you regularly would, then put all the spanish pages in a directory called "espanol". If you use page settings to hide the espanol page, the pages under it will never show up in the nav, so I hid the page in the nav with this CSS:

    #nav ul li:last-child

    The nav on the spanish pages does not display the top level so you only see the spanish pages. like so:
    <$globalmenu cssClass="mainNav" showLevels="2" alwaysShowChildren="false" showHome="false"/$>

    I had to make a fudge page in the espanol folder called "english" so that the last real spanish page does not disappear. The hidden pages are link pages so they don't count against my page total.

    There is a spanish and english version of each template, but only one set of CSS files.

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