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  • I am building a site for which the client is requesting a member database with a listing and detail page for each member that they can manage themselves. the site is already built in lightCMS, but there isn't a really great method for how to do this.

    I have seen a post referring to using a Blog for it, but that just feels wrong. each member would be a post essentially.

    I thought of using files and links element, but cant really maintain the pages like that very well.

    is there any other thoughts out there how i might crack this nut within the CMS with a nontechnical client editor being able to maintain it?
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  • I've got a client who is using LightCMS to manage a members area with about 100 members and counting. Would kill for appreciate an elegant solution.
  • I would love it too, but I personally feel the cost of "membership" at $99/mo is too steep for most all of my clients.  If the feature was there, I don't know how many would reach high enough to pick that fruit.  I think there should be a separate cost for admins (what are currently called users) and then for general users.
  • John,

    Does the client agree to allow each member to have their own account (thus probably increasing the hosting cost to get unlimited members) ?

    In that case, you could create a new page for each member and have the listing be controlled by the client.  I don't see an elegant solution any way you slice it.  Light doesn't do "data", at least not in any sort of custom-schema based way.  

    I wouldn't suggest using the blog element, because unless you sort the listing with JS it will be based on post date and it's a nightmare (experience speaking).
  • Michael,

    Unfortunately, the hosting cost would be too much and there isnt a plan to have them control their own thing for using the "users" capability to be feasible.

    I am thinking of trying to use a Google App backend to manage the data and wire it in via iframes or something, so i can keep it in lightcms, but also provide the user a easyish way to maintain it...

    I think i suggested a generic database element a while back to LightCMS. Something that could maintian a few simple popular deefinitions like a member directory, product directory, listings of "stuff" basically... because i think i would be able to use the system for more clients rather than have to push them to larger less simple, more expensive solutions. :(
  • John,

    I've requested that very feature enough times to be highly annoying.  There's hope for the future... I hope?

    I didn't suggest a Google App solution because most of the pre built solutions will carry the Google Branding, which might break your confidence level with your client.  If you can swing Google App Engine, that would be a great workaround.
  • It would be nice to have 'members' vs. users. 
  • Yesterday I signed up for a membership site. The provider used Wordpress. It was really easy to sign up, confirm and I was in.

    I didn't need any special admin rights or anything as I was simply looking at pages.

    I. would. love. this. in LightCMS. I know it's a product for designers, however e-commerce is clearly a developer's feature rather than HTML/CSS/JS right. Surely a membership site is as/the next most common generic developer feature on the list?
  • @michael_leaplogic What I was trying to describe was:

    Admins (users now)
    Store admins (same as now)

    Members (I can add people to my site as view only users) So I could have a members area or use part of a site for confidential info. But I don't want these people to have admin or anything, just restrict which pages they can view.

    In my mind, 'members' aren't really a (significant) cost to Element Fusion because they just have a login and that's it. They don't utilise the CMS at all. Just view selected pages after logging in. All other pages are public of course. Maybe add it to paid plans only.

    Like Wordpress, you can let people sign up and approve their membership and they can access your members area. This is something that would be awesome to automate :) My main point though, was that this is akin to having a store. It's beyond web design and into a development feature. Members are probably more standard than stores when it comes to CMSs.

    Will wait and see ...
  • Blair,

    I'm on board with that.

    I was explaining the cost breakdown to a client last week and I felt my own interpersonal bullshit-alarm going off when I was trying to justify a $150-200/mo cost for a site with members.  It was in no way an enterprise level solution, but that seems to be the issue.  We've got enterprise level pricing on a low end startup who wants membership.
  • I, too, have a potential client who has around 500 members of their organization. To have a bare-bones database element that can be sorted by any of those fields would be awesome. Also, I have thought about using a Google doc and then iFraming it into the Light CMS site(s)...because of the easy management of the Google doc...but the privacy issues with Google have kept me form doing this, just as you guys have stated. I am stumped on how to do a workaround for this. Hopefully, Light CMS will create a database element.
  • Right on. There is a store from the lowest paid plan to the highest, what about members?

    Or as I say (many times on this and other posts) aren't view-only members like blog pages - why charge extra for them?

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