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  • My sister-in-law wanted me to build a duplicatable Web site for her direct selling business.

    The idea is person A signs up for such a site and the content and design are standard and probably accessed via a unique url like name.domain.com.

    Person B signs up and his/her site is identical.

    The tricky part is if the standard content is modified. Is there an easy way to set this up? I know I can copy/paste changes to every singe site (100+).

    Or I can set up a single site and add 100+ URLs to the site settings page so all the name.domain.com URLs redirect to this site.

    The problem is custom names (welcome to [name]'s Web site type of thing).

    Using Light, is there an approach anyone can suggest please? Thanks in advance.
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  • blairrorani,

    This is currently not available as an automatic feature. I have passed this on to the development team.

  • Thanks for the response Chad.

    Can you tell me what specific feature you've passed on?
  • blair, more or less we've been talking about the ability to duplicate websites or create default content that could be applied automatically to each new website created under you account. We're still planning but that's where the discussion has gone. Useful?
  • Yes that would be. What applications do you see this having?
  • Well I think the biggest use would be for a reseller that either sells a certain type of site repeatedly or has a bit of promotional content in the default content. Maybe to help their customers know how to contact them or to upsell services.
  • Cool one. Yes that is what I was thinking.
  • I am thinking about moving my business over to LightCMS but
    am needing this feature above. Is this something that is possible now or is this
    feature still being worked on? This is an old thread so I would assume the
    feature has already been added or a decision was made to table the idea. Any information
    on how LightCMS might be able to accommodate a high volume of websites that will
    all share the same default content (but still be editable) would be much appreciated.


  • nickespi,

    Thanks for jumping in on this conversation.  Their is currently not a "duplicate site" option.  What people have done is built content into the template that is being used, though it's not editable, or they have iframed in information from another site where all the changes are made.  When a change is made there, all of the sites that have that info iframed in would then be updated.  

  • Interesting that this is being brought up right now, as one of our developers has been working on this (between other projects) for several weeks now.  We'll keep you up to date on the progress.

    Thank you, Nickespi!

  • What about a script language that would go with the new token/api system you guys are working on?

    You'd be able to create a script for say... setting up a framework for a certain type of site or for quick instantiation of a franchise install.

    You could say:
    addPage({id:'myblog', title:'Our Blog', contentSrc:'blogintro.html'});
    addBlog({page:'myblog', contentId:'mainColumn', skin:'listbody',numposts:'5'});
    addPage({id:'contact', title:'Contact Us'});

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