Is recurring payment possible?
  • I am curious if once a payment is made, is there a way to capture that credit card information?

    Lets say that I have a form on my site that is used to set up an initial payment. Once the payment is processed, do I have access to their CC information so I can use it for a monthly recurring charge?

    Basically, I am wanting to charge an initial fee for setup and then use that information to setup a recurring charge.

    Is this possible?
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  • Chad, are you going to add recurring payments? I know there is foxycart and other 3rd party stuff.

    I am thinking of my clients though. For them it can feel easier to do it all via one interface (Light). Also, your stuff is vey easy to use.

    Has anyone else asked for subscriptions?

    I think of Light as being like Coldfusion. Sure it costs a bit, however, all the functionality you want is there. No 3rd part stuff required.
  • Recurring payments and additional ecommerce functionality are things we have discussed and it's likely they could be added down the road, but there's no firm timeline for their implementation at this point.

    Thanks for the feedback. It always helps to continue to hear from your guys what is most important.
  • +1 recurring payments.
  • chris,

    This is not something that you would be able to do through the form builder. The form builder is for one time purchases and we do not capture any credit card information, this is all done through the payment gateway. You would need to go to PayPal or another payment gateway and set this up with them.

  • I think that would be awesome! Perhaps you can have it added to the higher paid plans to reflect the extra value it provides. It saves time and money implementing Foxycart and there's nothing extra to show to a client who is making those kind of changes as well. Can't wait.
  • FYI, I just got a request from a church to add recurring payments to LightCMS. Not sure if it's still being discussed.

    I'll find a way to make it happen for them either way.
  • I have a potential client that would love to use LightCMS for his business except that his business requires the ability to have recurring payments. Is this something that is still planned for the future/in development? Anyone else using another solution that can do this? I saw Chargify but it was a little expensive for him. Thanks!
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    How exactly are they wanting to use recurring payments? Is this something through the store they are wanting?

  • Maybe?
    • Checkbox on the product settings "Make this product a recurring charge"
    • It causes an input ("Every" [number]) and drop down (Days/Months/Year), allowing you to specify a custom interval.  A second checkbox with a date field would allow you to specify a date to end charges.
    For all of the non-profit work we do, they would go bananas over the ability to sign folks up as monthly donors/sponsors.  This might necessitate users needing to login to cancel service though.  Maybe not.
  • My client has a cafe and roasts his own coffee. He has a "coffee of the month" that people can "subscribe" to and receive coffee in the mail. He would like to have his coffee club online as a "subscription" type service. Right now people come in store and all the monthly payments are processed manually every month.  I think it would be great too as Michael mentioned above to be able to select the interval for charges. I also have another client that is a business coach and motivational speaker. I have him setup on a wordpress subscription site right now but would love to move him over to LightCMS as well if we could get a subscription solution worked out.
  • SethSanders,

    This is currently not an option, but you can check out PayPal's subscription features,  I'll pass this request on.

  • +1 for recurring payments. One of my clients wants it.
  • +1 again. Another client wants it. Pretty much every church I make a website for wants recurring payments.
  • +1 same here KR15
  • For all of you who are looking for a solution...I know FoxyCart does recurring/subscription payments. I'm actually working on integrating it into one of my sites right now. Only downside is that you have to pay another service to do this.
  • Agree. Recurring payments are a must.
  • Agree too. Recurring payments are a must have!
  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to LightCMS, still exploring it's capabilities.  Noticed on this page some referring to using FoxyCart etc - just wanted to know how flexible LightCMS is at letting you incorporate other technologies into a site that aren't already part of the LightCMS system?

    For example, if LightCMS only supports PayPal Standard payments, but a couple of times Chad has referred people to the Recurring Payment info on PayPal's website, does that mean we could incorporate that manually even though it's not supported as standard by the system?

    Thanks for your help.
  • + 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for recurring payments.

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