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  • I was making some changes to the style.css and home.html files using the advanced editor in lightcms.  All of a sudden, I tried to make another change, selected the design option and it says that I haven't selected a template, now I can no longer get to the editor.  Now I have to edit the files and ftp the updates.  Any idea why this is happening. I'm using the Shark template.
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  • newbiemh,

    What browser and version are you using?  I'm in Chrome and I have not been able to duplicate this.  Can you try it again and see if you are still seeing that issue?

  • I'm using Firefox 11.0.  This is the same browser I was using about 2 hours ago but then all of a sudden I can't get to the design mode, advanced editor.
  • I just tried IE 8.  When I select design it now asks me to select a design, when clearly I already selected and am using the shark design. If I reselect Shark, then all my changes will be lost.
  • Looks like there was a software update that occurred yesterday with lightcms.  I tried another one of my sites and it also says that I have not selected a design when clearly a design has been selected.  I haven't reselected a design because these are templates where I have made changes to the source code so to make sure I don't loose anything, I guess I will have to ftp the latest copies of source code in case reselecting the design removes my changes.  Any thoughts or suggestions...

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