New Calendar Style: List with Body- Update: Added 4/10/2012
  • Just hoping for a fast turn around for a great idea.  How great? One of these unicorn-esque, magical, roadmap busting, so great Chad not only passes it along to the developers - NO much more, he bakes a cake and puts the suggestion as frosting with fondant towers and delivers it to their sugar starved hearts.

    But yeah.  How about a calendar listing that shows the body too?

    Thanks.  Happy Monday.
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  • Michael,

    I made a cake for them, so I hope it's a little bit better than me normally passing on the message to them.  We're big football fans here, so I actually decided to make them two cakes.

  • One of the best websites, of all time.
  • Michael,

    THE CAKES WORKED!!!  There is now a List With Description option in the Calendar element,  Also, while we were working on it, we made it so each of the events in the event list have their own class that can be styled; event1, event2, event3, etc.  

    The cake was not a lie in this instance!

  • I'm in tears.

    Make that one complicated script I won't have to write.
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dang, Michael! Your powers of persuasion are impressive.

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