Search is using the wrong template page (I think...)
  • Hi there.

    I'm new to this but I am setting up a new site  for my landscaper.  If I go to I see the site and it works just fine (early days yet - still much more to do).  

    The template is applying correctly - however when I use the search box it jumps to the standard Northern Lights template - complete with section telling people how to apply content.  

    How I can stop that happening and have the template page be one of the ones that matches the theme I created?

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  • Search uses the detail template for your site, check under Settings to see what the default template is.  Sometimes you may have moved or removed the default template and it will fall back to something you'd rather not.

    PS: Don't use comic sans! :)
  • houldsworth1,

    I see the issue that you are having and I'm unsure why that is occurring.  Can you click on the Support email link on the right hand side and send a support email referencing this post?  I'll have the development team take a look at this, but I want to have a way to contact you via our ticketing system.

  • OK - just sent an email to

    Michael - but surely comic sans makes me a web god :)

    Just a placeholder for now - I still have quite a bit of tweaking to do.  But all advice is gratefully received.

  • houldsworth1,

    We received it and it is being looked at now.

  • Thanks for the help!

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