Template design 101: what's my cost?
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    Here's what I am researching right now... what I would like to have done is a template or two (maybe 3?) that I could use on Light CMS that I could use for the client base I wish to target as a reseller. I'm not a designer/coder by trade and I don't have the time to sit down and try to design from scratch or modify a template on my own. Ballpark - for a 5 page site that I mockup in Photoshop, what would I be looking at for design costs?

    Thoughts welcomed,
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  • Send you mockups to admin@crimsonworks.net and I can give you a quote.
  • Do you mean five different layouts/designs per template? If yes then AUD $1,500 (ball park) per template without seeing the Photoshop designs).

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