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  • I have a client that sells belts and buckles. There are 20 color choices for each and they allow their customers to choose what colors they want. For example, a Black belt and a Hot Pink buckle. Is it possible to allow a customer to select a belt and a buckle from the same page and then add it to the cart as a single item? They do not like how it currently works by selecting a belt, selecting a color variation on the detail page, adding it to the cart, being shown the cart, going back to the Shop page and repeating the same process for selecting a buckle.

    If it is not possible, how can I get the variations on the product detail page to split? When I make a new variant it currently places them side by side in a single drop down menu. With 20 colors of both products, that makes it possible for 400 variants. If I was a customer, I would not want to hunt for my desired color combination from a drop down list with 400 selections. I would rather have a drop down for belt color with 20 options and a drop down for buckle color with another 20 options.
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  • Thank you for the response.

    It is something that I would definitely like to see happen. I have experience with Shopify as well and I think their eCommerce functionality is just a little more refined. However, you guys win hands down as far as managing the website portion of the CMS. My clients love maintaining their website with LightCMS and I love building them. A lot of CMSs on the marketing (open source and proprietary) want you to learn a new theming system and it just becomes to much to work to keep up with all of them. I really like developing a site and making editable regions. Not the best tool for every job (what CMS is?), but it seriously caters beautifully to most projects.

    Keep up the great work and with a little more fluidity and functionality to the eCommerce side of things, I think you could draw in a lot of converts from Shopify and Big Cartel.

  • pxbot,

    Currently there is not a way to do this in the system.  It is something that we have been discussing though.  Having 400 variants in a single drop down does not seem like something fun to deal with.

  • I have a similar client who sells gun holsters with 10 different colors for 12 different models, with varions number of options and styles.

    How about adding form fields to a product and adding them as notes whenever a user adds the item to their cart? The seller can then charge the buyer later after reviewing each order individually.

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