Define expiration date format in store
  • Hey guys,

    Had some feedback from a client for an upcoming launch related to the store feature:

    "As I mentioned this morning, a couple of people who have purchased their [product on our site] have found it confusing and difficult when entering their expiration date during checkout of the online store. They indicated that they weren’t sure what format the date should be input. Ie. 01/03/2012 or 01/03/12 or January 3, 2012. You get the idea. They were rejected if they didn’t use the correct format."

    Yeah, that irritates me as well, when I unknowingly enter content that's the wrong format, hit submit and THEN am told I used wrong format.

    Soooo could you guys label the required format for fields that have a required format in the store?


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  • imjustamarketer,


  • imjustamarketer,

    Here is a screenshot of the checkout screen that shows the expiration date as MM and YYYY,  So any of the dates above would be rejected in this format.

  • @chadj. yep. know how when you don't fact check things your clients tell you before you post a message in a forum? know how that makes you look like an idiot sometimes? yeah. :-|

    my bad. :-/


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