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  • I learned a lot about the usability of LightCMS with my latest client. They are a school district and were sold on the idea of having an "easy-to-use", "easy-to-update" website that everyone can use. It makes me wonder if LightCMS is even appropriate for such large clients.

    While I have no problem training people to use the site, they had multiple problems with things being "easy"...i.e. they weren't. On a weekly basis, I'd get a list (sometimes long, sometimes short) with problems in the system. I sent many of those problems to the LightCMS support and has mixed results at getting some of these issues fixed. So...the reason I'm posting this in the forum is to hear if I'm the only one having these un-easy problems, or if these issues really need to be urgently fixed or added.

    (BTW...these items are all from 1 client.)
    1. With 200+ users, finding a user is near impossible because they're listed alphabetically or searchable. And don't get me started on having over 400 just ins't practical with the current system.
    2. WYSIWYG editor has too many quirks. Sometimes the cursor starts on the right hand side (brand new formatting), having to use shift+enter to go down one line (even this text editor that I'm using to write this post doesn't require this), if you align text above an image you'll end up moving the picture with the text, the editor doesn't always save changes or makes new updates, the editor shows changes but the website doesn't...then you go back into the editor and the changes are there, 
    3. The file system needs to blend the photo gallery and links/files uploads into the images folder with the rest of the  files to access.
    4. The file system needs controls for users to only have access to certain files...not the entire website.
    5. The elements need to be customizable. They don't want users to be able to add the donation element or the sign up element, etc.
    6. Blog detail pages are confusing. The site is blog heavy which means each one of the blogs needs its own detail page. Plus, the "link to another blog" list is a mile long because each one of the elements creates 
    7. With the new update, the floating bar covers part of the navigation bar which makes it difficult for them to get around part of the website.
    8. Blogs need to pull from tags, not just other elements.
    9. The auto summary needs to end with "..." or "read more".
    10. Users will be given the correct permissions, but it doesn't always work when they get in to edit. Then it just starts working. *Quirk*
    I have 30 more items which I could share, but I figure 10 is already too many to get a detailed response on...anyway, like I said, am I the only one else having these issues?
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  • The issues I have with the editor are:

    [1] It sometimes "hangs" and will not accept my changes and return me to the main page view. In these instances I have to go to HTML view, cut, then refresh the page, enter the editor again, paste, and then save.

    [2] cutting and pasting in the editor almost alway screws up the formatting. Just selecting everything in the editor, cutting it, then pasting it back in will royally screw it up. It usually does this with inline styles.

    [3] Sometimes the editor inexplicably adds inline styles. It is probably not random, but it seems so. 

    [4] The bold button (strong) doesn't work properly with headlines. An H1, H2, etc element always shows the B button in its active state even if there is no <strong> tag. You cannot add or remove a <strong> tag from a headline without editing the HTML.

    [5] When I am inserting images, it frequently adds inline CSS to make them 0px wide and tall, so they are effectively invisible. I have to go into HTML mode to delete the styles. 
  • @KR15
    You just listed 11-15 on the list...killer instinct. Good to know I'm not alone on issues with the text editor.
  • I agree with all of your points and appreciate you putting those concerns out there. Especially, #5.... it's a must change...
  • While I haven't experienced the issues you are encountering, here are a few things I have found that may help with some of them. The browser you use when editing the site plays a role in some of the quirkiness - although it shouldn't. I use Chrome on a PC and have had instances where I had to login from Explorer to get something to function correctly. The quirkiness with Chrome has seemed to subside lately, so I'm thinking there have been updates to the editor. 

    I few responses to your list:

    2. "... the editor doesn't always save changes or makes new updates, the editor shows changes but the website doesn't...then you go back into the editor and the changes are there..."

    I had a client tell me something similar and I found out he was hitting the 'Save Draft' link and not the 'Save my changes' button

    9....The auto summary needs to end with "..." or "read more"...

    I agree this should be a built in function, but until then here's an article on how to add it to your blog summaries on your site -

    With over 200+ users, you are going to have a number of different browsers being used and a number of people that aren't as computer savy as others. I'd take that into consideration as well. 

    Hope this helps somewhat

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