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  • I understand that the new design editor is a work in progress but I wanted to share a couple of thoughts and hopefully provide some constructive feedback. I've set up this response as a forum post to see if anyone else wanted to add anything.

    Firstly I think it's brilliant that the platform is being continually developed and allowing us to expand what we offer our clients as resellers. That said, it's a little frustrating that the last big development (the shop functionality) doesn't seem to be the finished article and we're now seeing development switch to another area. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing the time and effort were put into improving the shop so we can more actively promote that.

    The New Editor 

    Who's it aimed at? As a developer I've no need for it and having worked with a client who has tried to use it I'm not sure how much use it is to them either. It's really not that simple even in it's limited state, so it's going to be ever more daunting when more editing features are added. 

    Value of design. Do we really want to hand this control over to clients, we could be setting web design back 10 years.

    Usage Problems. When the client does edit with it it adds a new stylesheet that overrides the template's stylesheet using the !important tag. This is ok in principle but in practice the format of this stylesheet is horrible (one long line of code). If the client comes to us for amends etc we will have to sift through this lot as well as the template's stylesheets to check if what we're editing is overridden in here. Also, what are the consequences of us editing this new stylesheet? Will they translate back to the editor.

    I believe we have a choice to switch it on or not which is going to be vital. I think letting customers have this is going to open up a whole can of worms.

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  • so DaveChap has some pull in this group!

    Can I send my requests to you - so you can post?


  • @Aesthetik
    You hit on most of my concerns as well. As great as it is to have this as a "switchable" option, I think LightCMS needs to be at 100% in other areas before adding something like a design editor. I've never seen this be requested by anyone on the I'm not sure where Light is going with this.
  • I'm sorry, Ellidrew. I requested this.

    Don't hate me all at once :-)
  • @DaveChap
    Ugg...I guess I need to read more forum posts. It's all good...never any hate. :D

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