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  • A little something I accidentally stumbled upon.
    If you do not include the folder path for images in meta og:

    <meta property="og:image" content="http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/Websites/WEBSITENAME/images/">

    and you share content (copy and paste a link to a page) in Facebook - NONE of that articles will have images.

    I assumed since the images were not hosted on FB that it wouldn't matter and they are visible on the page. I was getting aggravated when I shared a link that was using FB comments instead of the blog comments - I didn't get the nice picture to go along with the article.
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  • Thanks Tim - lookf forward to some more social integration with the sites.
  • ok. the above solution used to work.
    FB now only allows you to use the path to public folders. So this no longer works ans the light image folder is not public.
    Either I have to specify a few different images with the direct path to those images - but I don't want to.

    I want the person sharing the link to be able to choose from any of the images on the page (specifically blog articles)

    Maybe I cut out the og:image and let FB use the old method of finding images on the page.
    Has anyone ran into this before or is there a way to make the images folder in light publicly available?
  • There are two options.

    1) You can add an open graph image tag to the blog detail template and specify the image they want to use. However, this will force Facebook to use the same image for every blog post.

    I would recommend trying the open graph method to point to an image outside the "image" directory.

    This goes in the head of the HTML document and you should replace the content url with the url to the image you want to use.

    2) Use images in the blog post that they want Facebook to use. Usually Facebook will find the images if they are included in the blog post. But it is not guaranteed and depending on lots of factors, Facebook may not grab the right images. Sometimes, Facebook will grab multiple images and you will see a selector below the image where you can choose the one they want to use.

    You might try adding another folder to the images directory, or use ftp to place blog post images outside the "images" folder completely. 
  • Thanks Richard,

    Even after removing the og:image in order to let Facebook find images on page it has a hiccup and won't find any images.
    Per Facebook I cannot point to any secure folder to find images - just point to a specific image which I'm not trying to do.

    Pointing to a specific image works fine with og:image.

    Sigh. it is what it is.
  • @ckinteractive,

    I'm sorry for the reply above that didn't quite get at what you were asking. I believe Richard misunderstood your question just a bit.

    To answer the question you posed originally - no, there's not a way to make the image folders in LightCMS publicly available. 

    But regarding the issue of open graph images, I can tell you we are aware of the issues you are facing and we are currently planning for a solution. I am pretty confident we should have a solution within six months and am hopeful it will be sooner. Until that time, the two options Richard laid out are the options available but I know, as you have pointed out, that they are not always sufficient for every situation.

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