Breaking the white label
  • On this page you can see that Amazee Labs highlights the CMS they use.

    Explaining you use Drupal or Light or whatever isn't required for you to simply explain the benefits of those CMSs. 
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  • blairrorani,

    Can you share more info about this?

  • Yes :) My post got cut off so that makes no sense yet.

    I was going on to say that on explain they use Drupal and why and the benefits.

    I was considering doing the same for LightCMS. I could of course still do this by referring to 'a CMS that does ...' rather than mention Light by name.

    My question was going to be if I did mention Light (which I tell most clients anyway who don't care as they are not designers) would other LightCMS designers feel that is a problem?
  • I wouldn't.  I think the further you get down the professional line the more your clients demand to know the specifics of the platform.  Who would really want a from-scratch CMS from a small web design studio anyway? :)  Keeping the brand integrity is different from supposing you are the creator of the CMS, imo.
  • Thanks, I agree. Not many clients would say, "I don't want to pay a marked up hosting fee for that Wordpress/Drupal site you built for me."

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