What features would you like to see in the Blog Element?
  • Many of you move clients from other blogging platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger.  Several of the features of these full fledged blogging platforms are not currently in the LightCMS blog element. 

    There have been posts on here before about features you would like to see in LightCMS, but this post is only about the Blog Element.

    So my question is:

    What features that you see in other blogging platforms would you like the LightCMS Blog Element to have?
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  • My Top Ten
    1. Ability to control markup, ie: placement of post author, post date, social media (ie: share this) buttons, tags used for body/headers, etc.
    2. Ability to add custom fields to the post.  This would allow a 'special' image to be attached per post.
    3. Read More links included if summary is enabled (I have to add this with a script on all of my sites)
    4. Better author management, relative to posting from multiple authors and distinguishing them
    5. When you click the tag drop down it should add it, not just fill the field
    6. Next & Previous and numerical pagination
    7. Push posts to social media
    8. Gravatar/More cowbell
    9. Threaded comments
    10. Author/user workflow/approval system.  My authors can post, but I must review before published.
  • Thanks again for all of the feedback and suggestions.  This summer, the blog will be receiving lots of love.  The first wave of things we will be adding is below.  As each new blog feature is released, I will post it here, or in a separate post.

    First wave of summer updates:
    1. Facebook Open Graph  
    2. Trackbacks and pings
    3. Pagination

  • [1] autopost to Twitter and Facebook
    [2] autopost to Twitter and Facebook
    [3] autopost to Twitter and Facebook
    [4] built in metadata for podcasts so we don't have to use feedburner
  • Have the ability to add classes like the menu class.
    I would like to add a simple icon like a video icon next to the title of the blog, so users know before they click on the article that there will be a video in the article.

    I see this on other websites like webmd dot com. They have little icons for photos, videos.
    All it would need to be is a short list of check boxes for included media the writer/contributor would need to select.


    better yet if there was a way to auto sense different media that would automatically add the the classes to the title and we can add the icons in css.

  • @TimW,

    So if we can't configure how the tags are used will you only support very generic ones that are reasonable to assume from a blog element's natural usage?

    What tags are you looking to support? title, description, url, site name?

    I'd like to suggest the image tag too.

    If you went ahead and made support for each post to have a featured image (this has been requested many more times than Open Graph itself) it would work nicely with using the image tag.  I know when there are issues with Facebook sharing, much of it revolves around having the image be easily found by Facebook. This would fix that issue in addition to allowing a dramatic improvement to what the blog element is capable of.  Every WordPress blog since 2009 has had this ability, but in 2012 we have to use scripts and clunky class assignment to get a similar behavior.  Even worse, forcing the client to post images in both the main post and then override the summary with the image again is a PITA.
  • @michael_leaplogic again, I need to preface my comment with the fact that I can't project with 100% certainty what will be in this particular release, but my best projection is that we will be looking to ensure that the four required OG properties will be rendered for every page. Those four properties are title, type, image and url. Title, type and URL are pretty natural, the image is the one that can go a number of different ways and I can't say with certainty how we will approach that just yet, but I'm pretty confident it will be accommodated in some way.

    I appreciate the feedback on featured images. I will make sure that's considered in the discussions as well.
  • What he said.
  • Yes, Michael's top 10 can't be beat, and they seem easier to integrate.

    Currently, blogs can really only handle text and not a lot of complex functionality in a post (outside of normal html or embeds). That said, allowing a Photo Gallery element might be of use to some, especially photographers or users with photo-driven blog posts. This would be something larger scale, letting an element exists within another element. But maybe you guys could think of a way to add this functionality outside of third-party embed options.
  • +1 photo gallery
    ability to add share buttons to posts ideally having the blog engine add the links from a list you can select from (twitter gplus, etc)
    better controls over element styling with css instead of a list view (list and archive view share same css mark up so it's extra work to target the css for each one
    • Featured image for posts
    • Sorting options (date/alphabetically - desc/asc)
    • Set link target if posts are links
    • Allow custom sidebars per post detail page
    • Allow users to add tags in Blog Settings
    • Check boxes for tags under Blog Post Advanced settings
  • I agree w/ all of Michael's ideas above.  Of these, my top priorities would be:
    • Pagination
    • Control markup
    • Social media integration
    • Custom fields
    • Author Management

    I'd also add a way for admin to review/approve comments instead of having to navigate to individual posts.

    Thanks for working to make this an even better platform!

  • 1) read more from summary
    2) multiple authors
    3) author bios
    4) forms in blogs
    5) pagination
    6) categories (in addition to tags)
    7) gravatars
    8) social share buttons built in
  • 1. Notifications for comments and replies
    2. Reply by email for notifications
    3. If the blog is really to be used for Sermon management there needs to be better features to integrate audio and video, easy social sharing, and rss for each component (audio separate from video)

  • push posts to social media
    read more links
    and pretty much everything else on michael's list.
  • I have been going through a hell of hacks and work arounds because I cannot assign unique template to a blog. There is only one template for all the detail pages.

    It would make light CMS so much more powerful if I could make a template for events, and one for a podcast blog that has a media player in it, and one for a blog, and one for a spanish blog.

  • @KR15 - you can do this. Each blog element allows you to set a page in the site to serve as the "detail page" for that individual blog element. So, if you set up a page using the template you desire and then assign that page as the "detail page" for the blog element, you can control the template used for each blog element individually.
  • Rad. I don't know how I missed that. Thanks.
  • Just curious - is there going to be a release with some new, exciting and competitive blog features?

  • The ability to add a photo gallery element!
  • Push to Social Media is the top of my list. I have one potential client that I could sell a site and hosting plan on this function ALONE. They want a news-heavy site, since they are a P.R.'ish agency cranking out press releases and news items all day, and they want to be able to type their news once...hit Submit..and have it publish across all three sites: To their website in the blog element area, to Facebook, and to twitter. Your blog element nicely creates/stores/manages their news items for them, but the Push To Social Media function would make it insanely over the top for clients who want to blast their news across many platforms all at once. Less work is good.

    I think the blog element should have a Facebook excerpt entry box, and another excerpt entry box below it for twitter, so that we can copy and paste text into each excerpt box...with obviously the twitter excerpt box limits us to 160 characters. When we publish a blog entry, the new twitter function publishes a shortened link at the end of our excerpt text we had entered earlier. Faceobook would post the full excerpt we had entered earlier, as well as a link to the full blog entry. This drives twitter and Facebook-generated traffic to the client's website. The original content is created and stored in the blog element of the Light CMS-created site, which does a great job of managing the posts and archiving them, etc., and it frees up twitter and Facebook to be the kid on the sidewalk who barks out the newspaper headlines as people pass by the newsstand. Blog = newspaper. Facebook and twitter = kid selling the paper on a sidewalk.
  • Will Facebook Open Graph work from the admin side where we can post updates to our timeline?  Can you explain the feature a bit more?  Will the user select an open graph tagged image or description?
  • @michael_leaplogic, the full details won't be available until closer to the release as things are still being finalized. But based on what I know at this point, I believe the Open Graph feature will focus mainly on ensuring the required open graph tags are populated on pages and blog posts. This will likely be an automated, behind-the-scenes thing, so that it works out of the box without the user having to think about it. I'm not sure if there will be a way to manually specify an image or description text to use.

    I don't believe the feature will allow you to post updates to your timeline from the LightCMS admin. This will be focused on ensuring the Open Graph tags are in place so that when you utilize FB like buttons or other social plugins, or when users share content directly, the content is represented well in Facebook.

    Hope this helps. We'll have more details when it gets closer.
  • An easy way for Google Authorship to recognise posts.

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