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  • Right now the templates only allow us to set editable regions - not include a specific content region directly into a template. We are trying to move clients more into LightCMS instead of using WordPress, however we often design common regions for sub pages (like Latest News with 1-2 of the most recent blog items). In WordPress, this is extremely easy to setup. In Light, it appears impossible. I need to have a way to include content directly into the templates. Currently our only solution is to add a blog component to the sidebar of every single page (150+ pages) of the website - obviously not ideal. WordPress this is a 5 min setup. We also have areas in a header/footer that we want to allow clients to be able to edit (a tagline for instance). Again, in WP, this is a 5 min setup while in Light it is impossible. While we could setup an editable region, you would have to edit it on every single page. Why can't an editable region for a template be allowed to change that region globally? A simple checkbox that says "Change this editable region globally?" Doing so would change every page throughout the site using that editable region.

    There should also be a way to allow us to edit the HTML output of a blog (or any content element) so every site doesn't look exactly the same. You can build this and be backwards compatible - by default, spit out the usual LightCMS HTML content for a blog component. However, let me put in custom HTML that would override it (and have tokens inside that custom HTML for the link URL, blog post title, excerpt, etc). If no custom HTML is set, continue using the default - backwards compatible and you extend Light's customization ability by leaps and bounds.
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  • @sccr410,

    Check this discussion out to see how others have requested something similar:

    You're just the latest to make the request as others before you. There has been mention of a new core update in the works but I can't say if it addresses the inflexibility of Light's generated markup.

    One thing to mention is that any element that is "copied" is actually copied by reference, meaning editing it in one place changes all instances of it. 

    If you are looking for a "patch" you could always embed an iframe of a hidden page with the element how you want it.  Alternatively a different (better, imo) approach would be to use jQuery load() ajax calls to pull the content into those pages.  I did this just a few weeks ago on a client site:

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