@media !important not working
  • Alright I'm going to ask this question here first to see if anyone is having the same issue as I and/or if this is a light issue someone else will get help from my question.

    As I'm trying to move the HTML5 ,CSS3 and Responsive web designs I am implementing a site with LightCMS that is using @media ( media queries ). The HTML/CSS and responsiveness works fine. However, none of the LightCMS elements that I try to override with the !important take.

    Must I separate out each into its own style sheet?

    The is site is not done and locked down, so unfortunately I cannot supply a link.

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  • Ckinteractive,

    Did you ever get this resolved?  Any tips on responsive design in LightCMS?
  • hi collisionmedia,

    sometimes i still have problems with the @media and the templates break and sometimes they do not.
    for the most part i've just kept the .css files linked separately.

    tip: i use a responsive jquery slideshow (the light one doesn't always react to the viewport in time). also i found a responsive jquery navigation that supports dropdown menus.

    please email me directly for links.
  • just for an update - I have no clue what the heck was wrong with my site - but the !important is working correctly in my CSS using @media.

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